Monday, November 2, 2009

World Series Game 5: Minute-by-minute Recap

(9:02 PM): It's the bottom of the third. Ryan Howard is up, Chase Utley is on 2nd base. There are no outs.

(9:03 PM): Full count - this could get interesting!

(9:04 PM): Burnett walked Howard. Now there are no outs, Howard is one 1st base and Utley is still on 2nd base. Right here I'd just like to comment on Howard's slimmed down physique. He looks much trimmer and I think if he can maintain whatever workout regimen he's currently on/has been on, he can prolong his major league career.

(9:06 PM): Jayson Werth is up. I like Werth. I used to let his chin hair get in the way of me liking him..but his performance has won me over.

(9:07 PM): As I was typing the above, Werth hit a ball right up the middle and scored Utley! It's now Phillies 4, Yankees 1. Yes! It's with plays like that that Werth makes me forget about his strip of chin hair.

(9:08 PM): Ibanez is up.

(9:08 PM): Same minute, Ibanez hits a single into right field. Howard scores. Yes! Phillies 5, Yankees 1. A.J. Burnett is now being taken out. This is exciting!

(9:09 PM): Commercial break. It's a Sears commercial. I think I might wrap up this blog post soon. It's not nearly as fun or as funny as I thought it'd be.

(9:11 PM): That commercial for came on. I now want to quit drinking and smoking.

(9:11 PM): The Yankees have decided to pitch someone, not sure who it is. Maybe Robertson? I will find out then update you.

(9:12 PM): Yes, it's Robertson. Not sure his first name. He's #30 and facing Pedro Feliz.

(9:13 PM): Is there something a bit off about Joe Girardi's face? It's kind of gaunt. Or at times I think he looks like a dinosaur. I don't think he looks like a dinosaur as much as Chris Bosh looks like a dinosaur. I've always found that to be a funny coincidence - that Chris Bosh looks like a Raptor and plays for the Toronto Raptors. Take a look.

(9:15 PM): Feliz popped out. Two outs, Cliff "Good Pitcher" Lee is up to bat. I realize it's more fun to blog about fun stuff rather than writing minute-by-minute updates about the game.

(9:16 PM): Cliff Lee hit an RBI single - Yes! Phillies 6, Yankees 1.

(9:18 PM): I really hope the Phillies can hang on and win this.

(9:19 PM): Is that gel in Chase Utley's hair or is it wet? And if it's wet, does he wet it throughout the game? Oh crap - "J-Ro" just struck out.

(9:19 PM): Joe Buck has a major butt-chin.

(9:21 PM): Oh GIVE ME A BREAK! There was just this crappy commercial for KFC that's trying to say they have a better deal than the $5 footlong. Yeah right!

(9:21 PM): What do you guys think of that commercial that features the cover off The Beatles' All You Need Is Love? That is, what do you think of the cover? I don't think it's anything to write home about.

(9:22 PM): Shane Victorino update: He is Hawaiian and his finger is not broken.

(9:23 PM): Charlie Manuel update: He is old. And he is a good manager.

(9:24 PM): Man, this is pretty boring to do. I think I'm really going to wrap it up soon.

(9:26 PM): How hot is Elisha Cuthbert? In that picture, she's not only hot but also looks like she'd be a snuggler. I could really waste a Saturday afternoon laying around with her. We could watch TV, talk, stuff like that..and other stuff too ;)

(9:27 PM): Cliff Lee pitched a scoreless inning!

(9:28 PM): Howie Long in commercial. Who is Howie Long? What does he even do? I know he played football..but I mean, what does he do in life? Does he have kids? Does he listen to music? What does he find funny? Jim Gaffigan's stand up?

(9:30 PM): This concludes my World Series Game 5: Minute-by-minute Recap blog post.

Thanks guys! Go Phillies!

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