Thursday, November 5, 2009

Congratulations, Yankees!

27. That is the record number of World Series the Yankees have won.

The Yankees won number 27 by defeating the 2008 World Champion Phillies - so number 27 was truly earned. Much credit has to be given to the Phillies who displayed poise, strength, fortitude, and many other respectable qualities during the 2009 season and postseason. Led by modern-day Ghengis Khan Charlie Manuel, the Phillies graciously handed over their victory wand to the Yankees.

And it is the Yankees I want to focus on here; not the praiseworthy Phillies. The Yankees. Let's show them some love! After nine years of searching their farm system for homegrown talent such as A-Rod, Matsui, Sabathia, Burnett, Teixeira, Damon, and even Swisher, they became World Champions again!

Now the Yankees may not be the richest team in baseball, but they sure are the best. They don't go willy-nilly spending money on free agents like some other teams (e.g., Red Sox). They are patient. They wait years - years without controversy - for their homegrown talent to develop.

The talent understands the situation, too. They know playing for the Yankees is a privilege, so they don't use their skills as leverage to increase their salaries. Look at Mark Teixeira. He [basically] said, "I am a great first baseman and I want to play in New York City. Sure, other teams may want me and want to pay me money, but I'd rather go to New York and have the honor of playing in pinstripes in front of the best fans in the world! I don't care how much I'm paid! I just want to play for New York!"

And don't get me started on A-Rod! Talk about a selfless saint. Living in New York can be tough..the spotlight is ALWAYS on you. Fortunately, A-Rod likes to live quietly, normally, and not stir up rumors or controversy. He, like Mr. Teixeira, also doesn't care about money.

"I just like to play baseball. I would do it for free if I could! But the Yankees forced me to take their money. I just want to play and not be famous! I wouldn't even care if I were ugly and my hair was messed up and not frosted..seriously, looks don't matter to me! Neither does money! I am an altruistic guy! I mean it! In fact, I am going to take the next year off from baseball and go to the Sudan to do work or something in a village!" said Alexander Rodriguez.

I have to cut this entry short because I have to go into work now, but I just want to close by saying Andy Petite has a major butt chin and the Yankees deserve their 27th World Series Championship! What they lack in ability to pay their players, they make up for in heart and soul and gritty baseball playin'!

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