Sunday, January 18, 2009

Andy Reid Admits Being Distracted By Thoughts of Beef Stroganoff

After the Eagles' 32-25 loss to the Arizona Cardinals in Sunday night's NFC Championship game, head coach Andy Reid admitted that thoughts of Beef Stroganoff adversely affected his coaching abilities.

"Around the fourth quarter, I began to think about my next meal. I considered various dishes, but ultimately concluded that Beef Stroganoff - the classic Russian dish featuring sauteed pieces of beef served in a sauce with sour cream - would be the tastiest," said Reid in the post-game press conference.

This is not the first time Reid has been distracted by thoughts of food during a game. In fact, it has happened in every game ever during his tenure with the Eagles organization.

"I just get hungry and start thinking about food. It stinks," said Reid.

When asked if he had ever been distracted by thoughts of a cheesy piece of pizza, Reid responded with both candor and humor.

"No...yes!" said Reid with a giant smile on his face. "That was like Doug and Steve Butabi from 'A Night at the Roxbury' when they're asked if they're brothers! That's my second favorite movie of all time - no question about it."

Reid went on for another five minutes listing his favorite movies until a reporter cut him off and got him back on track by asking him a simple question about the NFC Championship game.

What do Reid's players think of his functionally incapacitating thoughts of food?

"That's just who he is," said Eagles running back Brian Westbrook. "It is what it is. I'm a soldier and I just have to keep going into every game like it's a battle. Coach is our sergeant. We've got the artillery necessary to win in the trenches, but it is what it is."

There is no doubt that the Eagles suffered an agonizing defeat on Sunday, and it has only been made more agonizing since Reid revealed his distracting thoughts about Beef Stroganoff. The off-season will be long and the Eagles will have to address many issues as an organization, but Reid seems confident this most recent coaching shortcoming of his won't cost him his job.

"Why would I lose my job? Is it a crime to think of Beef Stroganoff? No way, bro! Whatever. I don't even care anymore. You guys can suck it. I look like a fat walrus. Reid is out, y'all!"

Friday, January 9, 2009

Old Video Series

This is a link to my YouTube site that has the series which J.D. Swerzenski and I started but never finished:

Me & J.D.'s Series: "John Haskell: Stand-Up Comedian"

Oh 'twas a fun time shooting these..