Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Looking ahead to both my immediate and long-term plans..

Bam (cf. Emeril Lagasse voice)! What is up my dogs? When last we left off (less than 48 hours ago), I was making a pledge to blog more - so here we go:

A few things have been on my mind lately. One is the 2008 U.S. presidential election. If you'd like some really good insight into many of the matters that lie at the heart of the race, this is a good place to start.

I'm also looking forward to Spring Break 2k8 (SB2k8) - although I'm really just serving an extended spring break in San Antonio this spring. SB2k8 will include a snowboarding excursion in Colorado followed immediately by a weekend getaway filled with debauchery, sand, dudes, bros, chicks, beer, frats, sororities and any other stereotypical terms that can be associated with South Padre Island. Oh heck yes, it should be a good time.

Well..actually I don't have much to blog about today - I really just wanted to post a link to the video above and let my loyal blog followers know of my upcoming "spring break" plans. The title of this blog is misleading, too. I don't discuss any long-term plans on mine. I'm sure they will come in a subsequent blog (rest assured, loyal blog readers!) - so you will be able to know of my plans which should help you to relax.

So I am about to pour a good cup of coffee, chill for a little on the computer, play some basketball and then go wherever the wind takes me. Like a tumbleweed, I flow with the fluctuations of the wind and know not where I will be from one moment to the next. Rather I just gently glide along singing merrily the elfin songs of yore and listening to the rhythm of the pan pipes.

N.B. I'm not high right now.


Yours Truly

Monday, March 3, 2008

Breaking My Figurative Blog-Fast

Alright boys and girls, I've been "out tha game" for a while now. "What game is he talking about?" you might be asking. If you are, I'm talking about the game of blogging. "Is blogging actually a 'game'?" you may now be wondering. Again if you are, I'm not sure - but I'm not here to argue semantics or any other type of language bullshit - I'm just here to talk facts about life. "What are some topics that fall under 'facts about life'?" you could be asking yourselves. I'm glad you asked, too, because here's a list of potential topics that I might touch upon in future blog entries: love , people who are annoying , people who rule, the importance of friends, why fart jokes are funny, the depressing realities of growing up,robots, aliens, my awkward daily experiences , and more. In other words, it is going to be a hella good time.

I look forward to it - I hope you all do too.

Always with love,

Yours truly