Saturday, November 28, 2009

Barack Obama Admits He Was "Never A Big Skateboarder"

In a recent political development, Barack Obama gave a startling response to a reporter's question.

When White House reporter Sam Langford asked the President if he skated as a kid, Barack Obama responded:

"No, not really. I was never a big skateboarder [as a kid]."

Mr. Langford followed up his first question with a second, asking whether the president thought Tony Hawk was cool.

Mr. Obama declined to answer the second question, but later the White House Spokesman issued a written response:

"Mr. Obama failed to answer the question regarding Tony Hawk because he, in his own words, 'had a major fart brewing' in his stomach and it distracted his thoughts. He later admitted that he does think Tony Hawk is cool. Mr. Obama's stomach is also now okay."

Mr. Langford is doing well, too. After the press conference where he asked Mr. Obama about skateboarding, Langford went home and ate "the best Granny Smith apple" of his life.

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