Saturday, August 1, 2009


Ok -

It is 12:43am on a Friday evening. I am currently sitting in boxer shorts and a polo shirt. I just watched Gran Torino (for the second time).

The real update here has to do with Regina Spektor (No, we're not don't go there! I wish we were, though). So anyways, I ended up watching some music videos of Regina Spektor on YouTube earlier today. BIG MISTAKE! It just made me more attracted to her! And I know what you're thinking - she is 29 years old. That's not a problem. I am 24. The age gap isn't too big. Sure, she probably prefers older, more mature/literary types. But that doesn't mean I can't think about her and watch videos of her on my computer.

Anyways, I'm really over this whole thing. I'm not in fact, if someone were to ask me if I've ever been in love I don't know what I'd say! I'd probably either be honest and say "No" or else I'd get nervous and say some dumb joke like "Yes, I fell in love with my butt once". I don't know. Love is a great thing.

Gran Torino was good the second time around. A little more sad, but still good. But I have to sign off. It's almost 1am!

Don't worry! I'll be sure to update the blog soon. Thank you, Loyal Blog-ites, and have a good night!

-John Haskell

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Ned Schneebly said...

Just send Regina a text asking if she wants to watch Grand Torino with you when you're dressed in your boxers and polo could she say no!