Saturday, August 15, 2009

This Is Why I Majored In Latin

Holy Toledo! This is from Jeopardy's College Championship. The answer was from the category Word Origins. The answer, Polygraph, is right. But the word's origin? Totally wrong! It's not's Greek!

In Greek, poly means "many, much" and grapho means "to write". If it were a Latin word, it would be something like Multiscribo, or something like that..(multi= "many", scribo= "to write")

So..again..Holy Toledo! The judges on Jeopardy ought to be ashamed with themselves for this huge mistake. It might seem like I'm joking..and I half am..but when your show's premise is based on facts and accuracy, you can't let something like this slide. Golly..

Well, I hope that the Jeopardy CEO's read this blog and I get monetary compensation for correcting their mistake. That would be the first time I got paid for something related to my college major. Until they read this and pay me, I will continue to wait tables at the Bryant Park Grill and to bring Tuna Salad Sandwiches on Seven Grain Bread to businessmen on their lunch breaks/tourists from overseas.

-Johnny H

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