Friday, June 5, 2009

President Obama Gives Historic Speech In Cairo

President Obama gave an historic speech in Cairo yesterday. He touched on Islam, Israel, Hamas, Pakistan, Iraq, 9/11, and other things. It was an important speech and he delivered it well.

While in Cairo, Obama visited the Sphinx. He wore a Navy blue polo shirt tucked into light khaki, possibly linen pants. Vice President Biden wore a denim outfit and a hat to shield himself from the sun. Here is a picture.

Going back to the speech, it was an historic one and has got many people talking about foreign relations. However, probably the least talked about part of the speech might be what happened two and a half minutes into it. According someone who was there, Obama's stomach growled a little. It was nothing big, just a minor rumbling sound. The individual who is claiming to have heard Obama's stomach growl said that it wasn't the kind of growl that indicates hunger but it was the type of growl that indicates your stomach is upset, like when you have to poop.

Though this information is not 100% reliable and has not yet been confirmed, all signs point to the fact that President Obama had to take a poop during yesterday's speech in Cairo. He probably rushed to the Egyptian toilets after the speech to drop trou and, in Obama fashion, articulately and eloquently make a poop.

I know this blog entry may seem immature, but please don't accuse me of being immature. To use a well-known phrase, don't shoot the messenger! I'm just reporting facts and allegations that I've come across. Just take the information that I've provided you with here in this blog for what it's worth. All I can say is that Mr. Obama DID give a speech in Cairo, it WAS historic, he DID talk about Islam, his stomach MIGHT HAVE growled during the speech, and he DID rush with quick footsteps and stiff legs - as if trying to maintain composure - to the Egyptian bathrooms after the speech to go poop.

These are facts, this is news. Welcome to the real world, people.

John OUT

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