Friday, June 5, 2009

Call Off The Dogs - Kurt Loder Is Alive

As I was browsing the Google News stories today, I noticed in the Entertainment section that two of the top three articles were movie reviews from written by Kurt Loder. The two movies he reviewed were The Hangover and Land Of The Lost.

I did not read his reviews. Rather I decided to write this blog entry to inform others who - like myself - assumed that Kurt Loder was dead.

Now I have to delete this picture that I created in 1999 and have stashed in between my mattress and box spring.

Also, wouldn't it be funny if his last name was "Lodder"? Kurt "Lodder"?

I think the MTV guy who is actually dead is John Norris. Now I'll have to create a picture of him with his birth and death dates on Microsoft Paint.

Microsoft Paint is the most professional program I use to edit pictures. Isn't that pretty bad?

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