Thursday, February 26, 2009

Flattering Write-up!

Check it out, a cool write-up about me! You can see more at the Stand Up New York blog: Music Is A Joke

Act 2 - John Haskell

John Haskell - Robots and Geico!”

Our second semi-finalist John Haskell came to the stage with his idiots guide to “Reality TV” shows. However, as is usual for this talented young man, he got it all wrong, prompting judge Scott Gray to ask him if his Google was broken. An unusual geeky type, he always comes to the stage with his personal theme song, the crazy thing is it is never the same theme song.

Usually his sets start with some dis-embodied robot (a fan favorite) but this time the robot was not there. But midway through his set, the robot did chime in and let John know that it had just saved a ton of money on it’s car insurance by switching to Geico, then it gave a birthday shout out to Rokkie Gray, and went away obviously distraught at having been cut short by John.

Then John decided to do his “Punked” segment, and his set by improvising some songs with the audience’s reality tv suggestions.

You should really check out his set, here.

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