Monday, June 7, 2010

State Farm commercial

Have you seen this commercial for State Farm?

First of all, what's wrong with bringing a sandwich somewhere to save money? What if it was a horrible restaurant that they were at? Or what if the guy has Celiac's Disease and has to eat gluten free foods?

Secondly, the whole gist of this commercial is that if you call State Farm you will not have to bring sandwiches to restaurants anymore.

Thirdly, why did State Farm select the particular narrator for this commercial? If he's a good marketing choice, then my butt isn't hairy.

Fourthly, if we are to buy into the "reality" of this commercial, we see that this narrator-guy is eating alone at a restaurant and watching another table. He's at a diner, alone, observing a table full of dudes, and trying to promote car insurance.

That's all. This is a commercial with a loser for a narrator and a table full of guys who make fun of their friend for having Celiac's Disease. State Farm - you've gone too far.

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寶堅強皓 said...

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