Monday, March 3, 2008

Breaking My Figurative Blog-Fast

Alright boys and girls, I've been "out tha game" for a while now. "What game is he talking about?" you might be asking. If you are, I'm talking about the game of blogging. "Is blogging actually a 'game'?" you may now be wondering. Again if you are, I'm not sure - but I'm not here to argue semantics or any other type of language bullshit - I'm just here to talk facts about life. "What are some topics that fall under 'facts about life'?" you could be asking yourselves. I'm glad you asked, too, because here's a list of potential topics that I might touch upon in future blog entries: love , people who are annoying , people who rule, the importance of friends, why fart jokes are funny, the depressing realities of growing up,robots, aliens, my awkward daily experiences , and more. In other words, it is going to be a hella good time.

I look forward to it - I hope you all do too.

Always with love,

Yours truly

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