Wednesday, February 7, 2007

a winding road to nowhere: an ode to this blog entry

Oh baby, as if life couldn't get any better..and then I decide to write another post! Bam. I don't know when I took on the persona of an arrogant blogger who has a faithful/loyal audience, but I like it so I'm gonna roll with it..which brings me to my next point - I just used, "gonna," in my entry. I think my entries are going to vary from colloquial speech to proper speech quite frequently, so deal with it. OK, so it's pretty late at night, and what better time for philosophical tangents? (the answer to that question, is of course, there is no better time) So, in this light, I shall proceed. What's up with life? It's all like, "I'm going to be different for every single person and be completely unpredictable, and times will be good and times will be bad." And this attitude of the personified Life can become quite frustrating. However, I guess I try to find peace and solace in feeling that I have somewhat a sense of knowing or control of my own life by kind of doing the little things I can to guide it in the "right" direction (whatever that is) so as to avoid more of the bad times. That last thought of mine was extremely vague, and I worry that its meaning and power might not translate so easily onto the reader, but nevertheless it too shall remain in this entry. Eh, I guess a possible conclusion to this somewhat existential moment could be that, life is both good and's how you deal with it that matters. I've never felt so cliche in my life...and I'm loving it. But seeing that I've just accidentally dropped the McDonald's motto into this post (cf. "I'm loving it"), I think it's time that I call it quits for this evening...Plus I just realized I'm sitting shirtless and spitting out ambiguously trite ideas on life. Mmm, well it's my blog and I do what I want. Next time I promise to have something perhaps a little more organized...maybe even something artistic like a poem - but I'm not promising that yet. Hope you enjoyed wasting precious seconds of your life by reading what's on my mind - I sure did :)

-yours truly


Monica said...

correction - the mcdonald's slogan is not "i'm loving it." it is "i'm lovin' it." =p

jdubb2055 said...

ah crap..she's right

Monica said...

of course i am...would i lie about such things? no.